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What People Are Saying About Scrapped...

"The magazine looks so beautiful, it's heartbreaking."
- issue 2 artist Liz Sales upon seeing Future Dinosaur

"When I received my copy of Scrapped in the mail, I read it once, looked at it twice, and then went back through it again. And then once more. It's that f@#*ing good." 
- Barnett Cohen, Issue 2 artist

"Scrapped is the new voice of the art world." 
- Eric Russ

"Scrapped is all kinds of awesome; a jubilant, daring, and smartly curated exploration of each issue’s theme."
- Caitlin FitzGerald, actress, writer

“Scrapped is as much an art object as a forum for art, something to return to again and again.” 
- Sam Cochran, Editor

"Printed in an edition of 200, Scrapped took my breath away with its personal touches—I won’t spoil the surprises, but...you’re in for one helluva sexy treat."
- Winston Chmielinski, Issue I Artist

"Scrapped is an innovative new voice showcasing hot new visual talent "
- Brenton Hamilton, Issue I Artist

"I love that Scrapped is both virtual and physical."
Sylvia Hardy, Issue I Artist

“Beautifully designed and full of art I could have never imagined, Scrapped occupies a prime slot on my bookshelf.” 
- Andrew Seguin, Issue I Artist

"I like it. Keep it coming."
- Jake Dowling, art dealer

“Sign me up for the 10th anniversary coffee table compendium issue”
- Blakely Davies

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to the Scrapped team for putting this beautiful book out, and for including me in this issue’s roster of artists."
- Artist featured in Issue I, Winston Chmielinski


Please join us tonight for the opening of I'll Be Your Mirror: Navigating Interaction In the Digital Age, a show of alumni work (including artists from both Hit It and Future Dinosaur) that Scrapped had the privilege to curate for our alma mater, ICP. The reception is from 6-8PM in the education gallery of the school, located at 1114 6th Ave (at 43rd St).


28 AUGUST 2013


Issue 2


26 AUGUST 2013

Issue 2 Contributor RaMell Ross made this beautiful short film, Be Forewords, inspired by the Future Dinosaur theme...


APRIL 2013


Issue 2: Future Dinosaur

visit our kickstarter campaign!

1 Feb 2013

Thank you once again to all who supported our Kickstarter campaign and helped us not only meet, but exceed our goal by over 50%!!! Whichever way that support manifested itself– whether monetarily, by tweeting or by sharing our Facebook posts and otherwise getting the word out there– we are tremendously grateful. We do not take lightly the responsibility you’ve endowed us with; we are hard at work wrapping up Issue II, Future Dinosaur, which is shaping up to be everything we imagined because of your help.

11 Jan 2013

Only 36 hours to go in our Kickstarter campaign! We met our funding goal and have surpassed it by 44%!   We are pushing for $15,000-- less than $1500 to go! Be part of the new patronage and by backing Scrapped, you will in turn be supporting many more underrepresented artists!

2 Jan 2013

Happy New Year!!! As of today, we have 10 days left in our Kickstarter campaign; 101 people have backed the project already and we are almost at our goal! Can you help push us over the edge???

13 Dec, 2012

!!! Our Kickstarter campaign to fund Issue 2: Future Dinosaur is underway!!!  Please consider supporting it (click on above logo to go to the campaign page) and in return, get some really cool rewards.



Scrapped Issue 1: Hit It

“Hit It” is the theme of Scrapped's inaugural issue. We view “Hit It” as an unrestricted exploration of desire and ambition. We identified two primary characteristics of our notion of “Hit It” and curated the issue in consideration of them. First is a raw, visceral quality stemming from desire and physicality; it alludes to humans' status as animals. Whether this is manifested as hunger, physical desire, or anger, “Hit It” is about active intensity. Paradoxically, the second characteristic is the lack of emotion in the context the phrase is most often used: casually referring to intercourse as “hitting it.” But beneath this impassivity, there exists a live charge, perhaps even a violent one. So, while “Hit It” conveys a distinct sense of shrouded emotion and dispassioned inertia, it also conveys action, movement, and dynamism. In this way, “Hit It” is about ambition: cool ambition, calculated ambition, but ambition all the same. Take the Bertolt Brecht quote we kept referring to when creating this issue, “Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to shape it”—moving beyond the expected requires intellectual, passionate, ambitious action.



Click on our smiling faces to see more photos from our launch party at Red Roots Gallery on Aug 23!

launch party